Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back from the Motherland and Still Bearish!

I'm back from the mission field, newly engaged, and still waiting for the market to correct itself. My last post taught me a valuable lesson- NEVER CALL A TOP! For a while, though, I looked like a genius- the DOW retraced to 8200 before the current rally ensued. I'm not calling the top, but definitely agree with THIS article. I understand debt (my knowledge on the subject has increased exponentially along with most other Americans the last couple of years), so I know there has to be some sort of reckoning for the carelessness of both the private and public sectors over the past few decades. Again, THIS Seeking Alpha article is pretty good at nailing the details.

Thanks for the prayers and e-mails many of you sent me last month while I was away. Here's a pic of my fiancee and I, at what we hope will the location of our wedding. As for the mission trip- it was FANTASTIC! You're welcome to view all the pics HERE, as well as THESE pics from Paris (where I proposed at the Eiffel Tower). I've been working on the Island Ministries website since I got back (that's the company I started to help fund youth missions), and plan on putting a team together to go down the Amazon next summer. Interested? You can see pics from last year's Amazon trip HERE. I've also added a cool 'Tip Jar' type of application to my main trading SITE. For $5, anyone can advertise their wares. Timothy Sykes I 'aint (He's made about 50k trading in just under 2 years, and hundreds of thousands from Ad revenue and selling his products), but every little bit helps:-) As for the following video, all I can say is this- you have to be able to break loose sometimes. I thought about titling this post 'Michael Jackson's Alive and Well in Zimbabwe', but I thought that might be in bad taste. Enjoy!

Zimbabwe Moonwalk from Evan Dawson on Vimeo

Learning new tricks every day,

Evan (aka Island Minister)


Yngvai said...

Congrats on the engagement! I just got married myself!

islandminister said...

That's great, Yng! I'll be coming to you for advice in about 7 months ;-)

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