Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't Fear the Reaper

As most of you know, I've been following Timothy Syke's trading style for almost two years. I first saw him on Wall Street Warriors (Mojo HD network show about various traders/investors) a few years back, and enjoyed his brutal honesty and knack for profiting from penny stocks. Here's a pic of me reading his first book, An American hedge Fund, while on a mission trip to the Amazon region of Brazil last summer. His trading abilities are only trumped by his business saavy (as he's currently growing an empire built on stock alerts, DVD and book sales, and even a publishing company called Bullship Press, LLC). Needless to say, his ship has sailed and, to most penny stock pros, needs no introduction. As for the title of this post, I introduce you to Michael Goode (aka Reaper), a padawan/apprentice of Master Sykes. I began shadowing Reaper on various trading sites such as Tim's and Investor's Underground. He always posted intelligent questions and comments, and his increasing profits could not be ignored (he's even been featured in some of Tim's posts like THIS ONE).

I'm pleased to say that Reaper himself has built a very nice looking website (Pallian would be proud ;-), and posts a well researched watchlist and ongoing video teaching series. Lucky for us, it's FREE (well, for now at least). below is a video from just a few days ago where he not only confidently explains the technicals of VG (Vonage), but also correctly predicts the following day's price action. He was dead on, and I'm excited to continue my own apprenticeship under this up and coming Master Trader. Enjoy the embedded video (very informative once you get passed his music preferences), or click HERE to check out his site (and don't forget to buy him a cup of coffee using the link on the right-hand sidebar of his homepage).

Successfully merging Blue Oyster Cult and Star Wars references,

Evan (aka Island Minister)