Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who's With Me?

Do you ever feel like you know exactly what's going to happen in a given stock, wait for price action to confirm, then do absolutely nothing?! If that doesn't consistently happen to you- you shouldn't be reading this blog (or any blogs for that matter- go kiss your supermodel wife and buy another ferrari ;). The fact is, this happens to all traders (usually after the shellshock of a losing streak- which reminds me of my last post and brings me to my next point): You're a good trader. That's right- YOU, the person reading this blog. I have a fairly accurate headcount of most of you here- and you're all traders (some very experienced). Knowing my audience, I can guarantee 3 things:

1. You know how to read a chart (maybe not expound on Fibonacci retracements, but...)
2. You have 1 or more actual trade accounts online
3. You would trade for a living if you could master your faults (psychological, emotional, etc.)

So what is the one character trait that I believe is keeping the whole lot of us from consistently profiting (and sometimes hitting the motherload on the stocks we call well before price action confirms)? DISCIPLINE. Period. The most successful trading streaks I have are the ones in which I have applied discipline. Like Pavlov's dog, the profits tell me to keep doing what I'm doing in order to experience the same reward. I am extremely confident I can take 10k and turn it into 15k in a matter of weeks- but after about 5k in profits (and it may be a much different amount for you depending on your income level) I break. Do I stop enjoying profits? No, but maybe I get bored from lack of a challenge (I know it sounds ridiculous to get bored of winning). I don't know how to overcome this cycle, but any advise would help. I don't want to be a good trader- I want to be a consistent one. That's the only knid of trader that leaves his day job (or two as the case may be)- one that has figured out how to consistently discipline himself, because he already knows how to trade!

I'm getting closer every opening bell,


ps- the stocks I knew to play today were OGXI (short when it faded if there were shares), and JVA (after the DDRX run-up, this one was next- and could keep going for days)

pps- Do any of you ever actually click on links in blogs (like if I made the words 'last post' take you to my last post)? The reason I ask is that I could write these things a bit more frequently with my schedule if I didn't think all the extra html work was worth it- you'll notice I don't have any charts or links in this one. Thanks for the input!